Playing Basketball to Get Healthy

Playing Basketball

Basketball is an incredibly popular sport for many people to play as well as watch. NCAA Basketball is watched by nearly as many people as professional basketball during the months that it is played. But this is not the only appeal of basketball. Parents often encourage their children to play basketball in order to build their skills and improve their health in major ways.

Playing Basketball to Get Healthy

Playing Basketball

You can improve a variety of skills when you are playing basketball. Shooting, passing, dribbling, and defensive and teamwork skills are all things that you learn playing basketball. In addition, it can burn anywhere from 650 to 700 calories per game of basketball played. You will also build up your muscles when you play basketball.

But the physical benefits are not the only ones that exist. Your child can also build his or her self-esteem and confidence in his or her own abilities when playing basketball, and, as mentioned, team building is learned through this sport. Your child can also make new friends and become more social through this sport.

Basketball can be played year-round because it can be played indoors or outdoors as well. It is also a very low-cost sport because you never need a lot to play. This is one reason why so many parents enroll their children in basketball.

Basketball can be compared to interval training because it involves changing direction and pace quite often. Your workout is very versatile, which provides you with excellent exercise. But there are risks for injuries in this particular sport because of how it operates. Jumping and twisting can often lead to leg and ankle injuries of all kinds.

Even if your child doesn’t want to join a team, he or she can still play basketball and still receive many of the benefits. Playing with a friend or a few friends is still great exercise and can build up social activity. Some parents purchase basketball hoops to keep at their homes so that their children can enjoy them, and they can sometimes enjoy them as well.

Basketball is a great sport to get your child into if you want him or her to experience the many physical and mental benefits of physical activity. But your child does not have to be part of a team to experience these. If he or she is not the type for an organized sport, then simply purchasing a basketball hoop will be enough for your child to still experience the benefits.

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